Progress on Many Fronts

Things are happening in so many places around Selis Manor, we can hardly keep up with them all.

Let’s start with the basement. If you read last week’s installment you may recall that the old boilers were being dismantled. Well, now they’re gone. Every last piece of cast iron has been sent off for recycling, to begin their new lives as fence posts, farm equipment, manhole covers, barbecues, golf clubs or railroad tracks. I just hope they get recycled into something outdoorsy because they deserve it after having been cooped up in a cellar for the last 35 years. And if they must be turned into some indoor type of item, I hope it’s waffle irons. Mmmmm, waffles.

So the old boilers are out, and for now the building is still getting hot water from the old hot water heater; but the newer, bigger, more energy efficient hot water heaters are in place and waiting to be hooked up. Also in the basement, the old air conditioners and duct work are gone and many walls have been demolished; new structural steel has been installed to shore up a new material lift we will be installing for more efficient trash removal; new electrical lines are being run throughout the classroom spaces; and we are counting down to the time that the entire basement will be back in business.

Now to the courtyard. What is that structure back there? Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, that structure (and please don’t worry, because it is ALL UNDER CONTROL) is a decontamination station for the asbestos abatement happening on the first floor. We are getting rid of all the nasty stuff that was buried under the old floor covering, so that the new building will be clean, healthy, sparkling and asbestos-free. How are they getting rid of the asbestos? Good question. Actually, we haven’t been able to watch the abatement process, as the area is sealed so tightly that no one is allowed in without the proper protection and authorization. But the workers we are using are pros, so we’re confident everything is being handled properly and by-the-book.

We appreciate all your tolerance. There have been jackhammers in the basement and sledgehammers banging against the back wall, and grinders working the first floor, all emitting decibel levels far exceeding the norm. As always, we apologize for any inconvenience and we would like to thank all our residents, clients and guests for your understanding and cooperation in helping to make this project a success.

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