Hello, Construction!

We’re happy to report that construction has commenced! There are new walls and emergency doors in place to cordon off the work areas. Behind those walls sheet rock is going up, other walls are coming down, floors are being opened for new stairs and the like, and preparation is underway for new air-conditioning and heating systems in the basement. Over the next six months our contractors will be working behind those walls creating a new laundry, snack bar, computer center, personal service rooms and offices for Visions. This is “Phase One” and we will keep you up to date on the progress of those spaces right here in this blog. Item of the week: Curbside Lane Closure. This means a lane will be closed to traffic for the purpose of allowing construction vehicles to park for deliveries. It will be the entire length of the building with the exception of two spaces at the entrance. Access-A-Ride will still pick up and drop off at the front entrance, but they will not have the amount of space they previously had to line up. Because of this heightened activity in one concentrated area, we ask that those with service animals or pets, walk their dogs away from the front of the building. The lane is closed to traffic so it will actually be safer to walk your dog east and west of the entrance where the barricades are up. This will help to keep the sidewalk clean at the entrance. (We’ll alert our construction vehicle operators to watch their step.) We would like to thank all our residents, clients and guests for your understanding and cooperation in helping to make this project a success.

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