Happy New Year 2015!

Here is a list of work completed as of 12/31/2014 by Procida Construction and its subcontractors. With your continued cooperation and help, we look forward to completing even more work in 2015:

Demolition/ACM Abatement –Tri-State Cleaning

  • ACM Removal: Phase 1 and 2, Phase 3 partially complete.
  • Window caulking ACM removal at Apt 309 & first floor
  • Completed removal of floor drains in cellar
  • Cutting of slab for footing
  • Demolition of exterior wall and parapet wall at new addition location
  • Demolition of rooftop terrace & men’s lavatory, first floor east side
  • Demolition of women’s lavatory, first floor east side
  • Core drilling in men’s lavatory on first floor
  • Removed existing material lift in cellar
  • Additional demo in new laundry room
  • Demolition of concrete at new addition in courtyard
  • Demolition of cabinets/appliances on 12th and 11th floors
  • 12th floor ACM abatement (flooring) complete
  • Demo of 12th floor apartments (selected drywall, bathrooms, kitchens)
  • 11th floor ACM abatement (flooring) complete
  • 12th floor window ACM abatement complete
  • Roof drain flashing abatement complete

Windows – Crystal Windows

  • Mock up window fabricated
  • PTAC submittal approval received
  • Factory test of mock up window completed 8/25
  • Field test for mock up window completed 9/10
  • Factory and field test results received
  • Completed removal of 1st floor windows, east side south elevation
  • 12th floor windows delivered, installation commenced

Structural Steel – BYN Ironwork

  • Floor penetration cut, remaining steel installed
  • Inspection of material lift steel complete
  • Installation of additional steel tubes necessary for material lift
  • Spray-on fireproofing complete
  • Installed hoist beam in material lift shaft
  • Mark out for new addition and canopy in courtyard
  • Structural steel installation at new stairs – inspection passed

Plumbing – TT Mechanical

  • Domestic riser valve replacement completed 9/12
  • Connected new DHW storage tanks to old boiler
  • Completed snaking of existing drain lines in cellar
  • Gas line connected to new steam boilers
  • Installation and connection of the two new DHW heaters
  • Water make up for boilers
  • Replacement of floor drains in cellar
  • Gas vents for boiler
  • Relocation of sprinkler lines within material lift shaft and at location of new stair in cellar
  • Roof and floor drains delivered
  • Gas booster pump installation and plumbing complete
  • Completed rough-ins for cellar lavatories and kitchenettes
  • Gas line installation for new laundry room in process
  • Gas line for roof installation complete in cellar
  • RPZ (backflow preventer) and water meter set installed
  • Rough-in commenced for men’s room on first floor
  • Gas line relocation at area of new stairway
  • Rough-in complete of new lavatory located on first floor
  • Piping in trench and rough-ins for new laundry room in process
  • Piping insulation in cellar/first floor in process
  • Sprinkler line relocation at first floor in process
  • Rough-in complete in new laundry room
  • Continued drain line work in kitchens on 12th floor
  • Water meter set submittal returned, approved as noted
  • Rough-in of men’s lavatory on first floor complete
  • Rough-in of women’s lavatory on first floor complete
  • Demo and replacement of 6 roof drains
  • Began tub installation

Mechanical – Medley Air, Inc.

  • Boiler #1/#2 complete, inspection passed
  • Continued installation of first floor ductwork
  • Duct drawings for first floor returned Furnish as Noted
  • Steam boiler burners and controls installed
  • Continued installation of boiler piping
  • Steam boiler flues installed
  • Continued installation of condensate lines
  • Boiler feed unit and sump pumps/sewage ejector pumps delivered and installed
  • Steam lines located around stairway have been relocated
  • Plenum intake installed on first floor to cellar
  • Continued control wiring
  • Hydronic pumps assembled and in place
  • Boiler flue installation has commenced
  • Hydronic pumps installed, piping in process
  • Air separator and expansion tank installed
  • Piping for expansion tank
  • Smoke test conducted; failed
  • Relocation of steam line at new stairway location
  • All PTAC units in fabrication
  • Began demo of electric wall heaters, 12 and 11

Electrical – Sheridan Electric

  • Continued rough-ins of all equipment in cellar and boiler room
  • Relocated electrical conduit in first floor, east hallway, for duct installation
  • Core drilling in west stairway and refuse closets
  • Continued wiring in boiler room
  • Installation of disconnect for material lift
  • Panels in gas meter room installed
  • Temp panels for ACM removal (12th, 11th floors)
  • Temp disconnect installed in boiler room

Carpentry – J.A.M. Construction

  • Framing complete in the cellar
  • Continued framing on first floor, east side
  • Framing of material lift shaft enclosure
  • Installation of door frames in cellar and first floor
  • Installed core board and sheetrock at material lift shaft enclosure in cellar
  • Installed framing at west wall of men’s lavatory
  • Continued sheetrock installation, first floor, east side in process
  • Material lift door frame installed at cellar and first floor
  • Framing in new laundry room
  • Framing first floor, east side

Doors – Architectural Doors, Inc.

  • Delivery of door frames for cellar and first floor
  • Hardware finish schedule approved

Masonry and Concrete – Zaman Construction

  • Sample pressure washing of façade
  • Mock up brick pointing in courtyard
  • Concrete poured around material lift steel
  • Reinforcement of first floor slab at plenum location complete
  • Installed all slabs in boiler room
  • Column #7, #11 and adjacent walls in cellar repaired with Sikatop 123
  • Excavation at new stairway complete
  • Installation of concrete footing at new stairway in cellar
  • Installation of beam on slab at cellar stair footing
  • Completed patching at 5’ x 5’ intake plenum in cellar
  • Installation of CMU block walls at cellar stair footing
  • Astraglaze block delivered, first brick delivery complete
  • Continued pressure washing, raking, and repointing of façade on upper floors
  • Began brick replacement on upper floors
  • Removed dirt in trench in new laundry room
  • Bulkhead pointing in process
  • Excavation of courtyard commenced at new addition
  • Suspended scaffold installed at east elevation
  • Excavation complete for new addition, subgrade inspection passed
  • Filled/patched floor drains, cellar and first floor (12)
  • Refilled extra section of trench in new laundry room (due to grade beam)

Scaffolding – Spring Scaffolding

  • South elevation complete, courtyard elevation complete
  • North elevation complete
  • Continued erection of scaffolding around roof bulkhead
  • DOB approved amended plans showing additional planking
  • Neighbor roof protection installed
  • Plank connections to hoist complete, installed parapet level planking on north and south elevations and chimney
  • Windows repaired at street elevation, sidewalk shed support in courtyard relocated
  • Access installed to neighbor’s roof
  • Completed shoring and additional planking around bulkhead scaffold

Hoist – United Hoisting

  • Tie backs complete at floors 3 – 12, and roof
  • Loading dock and ramp installed at ground level
  • Floor level landings, roof level ramp and landing
  • DOB inspection and drop test complete 9/12
  • Drop test complete 12/12

Material Lift – Day Elevator

  • Fabrication of material lift
  • Material lift installation in process
  • Permit received for removal of existing material lift

Elevators – Kone Inc.

  • Equipment approved
  • Shop drawings for 2-stop approved
  • Cab finishes and traction elevator cab drawing approved
  • Civil penalty paid
  • Elevator permit pulled

Roofing – Famous Roofing of NY

  • Temporary roofing at replaced roof drains

Fire Alarms – Simplex Grinnell

  • Received revised plans from EME

Concrete Cutting – Composite Technologies

  • Cut concrete for trench in new laundry room
  • Cut concrete for new stairway opening

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