Construction Update 09/28/2016

Windows – Crystal Windows/Marvel Contracting/East Coast Interiors

  • Completed Work: Install 5th & 6th Floor blinds
  • 2 Week Look Ahead: 7th floor sunshades

Structural Steel – BYN Ironwork

  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Delivery and installation of roof fence and rail. Delivery of steel post for Trellis.
  • Required Items: Install new open stair railings

Plumbing – TT Mechanical

  • Completed Work: Work in Cellar Gas line. 1st floor kitchen roughing. 5th floor kitchen sink preparation. Install 6th Floor kitchen sinks and escutcheon plates
  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Install sinks on 5th  Complete Gas Line in Building

Mechanical – Medley Air, Inc.

  • Completed Work: Thermostat installation on 6th Field measure 1st Floor Large Community Center – Phase 2
  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Thermostat installation on 5th P-TAC enclosures installation on 5th floors. Installation of bathrooms and corridors duct grills on 5th floors
  • Required Items: Awaiting mechanical room decisions for first floor west of auditorium.

Electrical – KGK Electric Corp

  • Completed Work: Work on risers and equipment for Mechanical Room on the 1st  Lighting roughing in 1st floor Community Center and Commercial Kitchen.  Completed 2nd Floor Roof Power for A/C units. Repowered 1st floor A/C units.  Installation of 6th floor Smoke Detector.  Installation of kitchen hood. Installation of kitchen under-cabinet light fixture.  Install light fixtures in front of elevator bank on 6th  floor.  Addressing FA Pre-test.  1st floor power for panel PP1B and mechanical equipment.  Disconnect roof panels.  Repowered convenience outlets in workout room.  Meeting between KGK/EME to address issues regarding Power/cables for RTU’s.
  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Complete boiler room punch list items. Installation of corridors lights fixtures on 5th & 6th Floors.
  • Required Items: Need to re-replace outlets in 1209 with tamper resistant – to be scheduled with ownership.

Carpentry – Procida Construction

  • Completed Work: Install of 5th Floor Entry Doors. Install of 5th floor apartment interior doors. Install of Kitchen Cabinets on 5th Install of apartment wood base on 5th floor.  Install 5th floor closet millwork.  Install apartment entry door hardware.  Install 6th floor doorstops.  Framing Door Cove in Boiler Room.  Install drop ceiling at 6th floor elevator section.
  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Lower transaction counter in Visions reception (needs to be scheduled with ownership).  Schedule removal of floor/glue in Arts & Crafts room #3 under kiln (to be scheduled with Visions via ownership).  Install bowling alley furniture – bolt down(awaiting confirmation from ownership on approval of layout).  Delivery of balance of 5th & 6th floors kitchen appliances.

Masonry and Concrete – Zaman Construction

  • Completed Work: Concrete pour for Boiler pit
  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Pointing 5th & 6th  Complete 2nd Façade punch list for 7 and 8 floors.  Boiler room out cove to begin.

Hoist – United Hoisting

  • Completed Work: Scheduled drop test hoist drop test for September 15
  • Required Items: Drop test every 90 days, maintenance as required

Tiling/Resilient Flooring – J&BB Tile Corp.

  • Completed Work: Installation of 6th floor corridor floor.  Install Hallway Vinyl Base.
  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Correct saddles as needed at apartment entries, 9-12 and 5-6.

Elevators – Kone Inc.

  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Awaiting fix of annunciator panel in both elevators – need CO and location approval.  Punch list on modernized elevators per report received 3/18/16.  Awaiting schedule of completion from Kone
  • Required Items: Travel distance for 2-stop (MRL); Verify in field.  Need custom elevator pads for modernized elevators

Scaffolding – Spring Scaffolding

  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Begin process to dismantle Scaffold September 20, 2016.

Cabinets – Brooklyn Woods

  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Provide appearance panels for H.C. kitchen sinks (floors 9-11)
  • Required Items: Check cabinet issue with 1216

Roofing – Famous Roofing of NY

  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Continue main roof installation following completion of Planter wall on main roof (and start of planter walls/main roof trellis)/

Fire Alarms – Simplex Grinnell

  • Completed Work: Complete Pre-test on 9/27

Countertops – LI Fabricators

  • Completed Work: Install of 5th floor kitchen countertops.

Painting – Pedro Mejias

  • Completed Work: Painting frame and doors on 5th Painting 5th floor apartments.

Low Voltage – MDU Security System

  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Install Nurse Calls, Pull Stations and Corridor Nurse Call Lights on 5th & 6th
  • Required Items: Need 5 additional plates for nurse calls, 7th floor (will order extra in anticipation of upcoming floors).

Storefront – Ellipse Architecture Metal and Glass

  • 2 Week Look Ahead: Install SF-05 & SF-08. Fabricate SF-04 & SF-13.
  • Required Items: Submit Compliance Documents.

Cleaning – Pedro Mejias Cleaning

  • Completed Work:  Clean 6th floor apartments.
  • 2 Week Look Ahead:  Clean 5th floor apartments.

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