Construction Update 02/01/2016

Demolition – Procida Construction

Completed Work:
CMU at exterior walls removed on 7th and 8th floors
Corridor ceilings removed, 7th and 8th floors
Interior door frames removed, 7th and 8th floors

Asbestos Abatement – US Environmental

Completed Work:
Abatement of main roof parapet flashing, north and south parapets
7th and 8th floor interior abatement complete
7th and 8th floor shelf angle caulk/tar abatement complete

Windows – Crystal Windows/Marvel Contracting

Completed Work:
8th floor window demo, installation complete
7th floor window demo, installation complete
Glass replaced in apartment 912

Structural Steel – BYN Ironwork

Completed Work:
Boiler room utility stairs installed

Plumbing – TT Mechanical

Completed Work:
Tubs installed, 7th and 8th floors
Shower body replacement and tub drain tie-in complete, 7th and 8th floors

Mechanical – Medley Air, Inc.

Completed Work:
Laundry room ductwork complete

Electrical – KGK Electric Corp

Completed Work:
8th floor demo, panel replacement, rough-ins complete
7th floor demo complete, rough-ins and panel replacement in process

Carpentry – Procida Construction

Completed Work:
7th and 8th floor bathroom, kitchen, and exterior wall framing

Doors – Long Island Fireproof Doors Inc.

Completed Work:
Delivery of doors/frames for 8th floor

Masonry and Concrete – Zaman Construction

Completed Work:
Cast stone sills installed at water tower bulkhead
Parapet rebuild (brick and block) complete at south and north parapets
Coping stone installation, main roof parapets

Scaffolding – Spring Scaffolding

Completed Work:
Scaffold dismantled outside of water tower bulkhead

Hoist – United Hoisting

Completed Work:
Additional Procida employees trained to operate hoist
Hoist winterized, entry gate fixed

Tiling/Resilient Flooring – J&BB Tile Corp.

Completed Work:
Laundry room tiling complete

Gypcrete – New York Gypsum Floors/East Hudson Flooring

Completed Work:
9th – 12th floor gypcrete

Bamboo Flooring – NJ Resources

Completed Work:
11th/12th floor wood flooring installation
9th/10th floor wood flooring installation

Elevators – Kone Inc.

Completed Work:
Shop drawings for 2-stop approved
1st elev. mod: Temp floor installed, inspection passed, elevator turned over
Voice annunciator wording changed

Cabinets – Brooklyn Woods

Completed Work: N/A

Countertops – LI Fabricators

Completed Work:
Transaction counter delivered (and installed)

Roofing – Famous Roofing of NY

Completed Work:
Installed temp roofing at roof rails on lower roof
2nd floor roof partial replacement, new roof over addition

Fire Alarms – Simplex Grinnell

Completed Work:
Devices (installed on 12th, 11th, 10th and 9th floors, plus cellar and 1st floor)

Concrete Cutting – Composite Technologies

Completed Work: N/A

Painting – CTP Painting

Completed Work:
1st floor priming in laundry room/community room
Polish and prime in locker room, cellar
Primed first floor corridor ceiling

Low Voltage – MDU Security Systems

Completed Work:
Nurse pull wiring complete on 8th floor

Cleaning – Pedro Mejias Cleaning

Completed Work: N/A

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