What’s happening behind those new walls?

Friday, May 9th was a Big Day. After weeks of behind the scenes demolition there was finally tangible proof that things are moving along. The Auditorium has been reconfigured to the temporary layout it will enjoy for the next two years, or until the final phase in 2016, when that too will be restored as close to its original glory as possible. For now, though, the double-door entrance will be down the west hallway, just opposite the VISIONS reception reception area, where the mailboxes used to be. The current waiting area has been walled off and is much smaller for now.

So what’s happening behind those new walls? First and foremost, the building is getting a slight extension. We will expand the Community Room into the courtyard about 14 feet east in order to make room for the new Laundry Room and the Snack Bar/Community Room. Then it’s onto the restrooms. First the Men’s Room, and then the Ladies’ Room, will get all new paint, tiles and fixtures. We’re hoping this will help us move up a few notches in the world bathroom rankings, which now has us just below the condemned toilets of Calcutta. 😉

Behind that new wall inside the Auditorium, a hole will be cut in the floor for the new stairway to the basement — which sounds like a song title, but it’s not (it would be a pretty depressing one if it were). This new stairway will provide a quick egress from the basement for students, teachers and bowlers alike!

Once again, we would like to thank all our residents, clients and guests for your understanding and cooperation in helping to make this project a success.

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