Updated Moving Procedure

Don Smith, John LiCastro, Nelson Lopez and Tony Savarese met with the leadership of the Residents Association on October 13th, 2015 to discuss issues related to the relocation of residents; specifically the moving company, packing, inventory and reimbursement for damages. The owner changed the moving company after Phase I, and there were improvements. Unfortunately, damages and lost items will always be a possibility. The key is to minimize such incidences, and provide a method for reimbursing residents for a legitimate claim. Moving forward, the owner will inventory all boxes and furniture/accessories prior to the move out of the apartment. A resident may have a representative from, either the Residents Association, or another third party (such as a relative) observe the inventory.

We agreed at the meeting that all items to be thrown out from the apartment should be taken out of the unit prior to the inventory, and not after or during the move. Only the items that will go into storage should be left in the apartment before the moving company takes it away.

There is a process in-place for residents to file a claim if there is a damage claim. Residents who believe they have a claim for damages should contact the relocation office, and the staff will complete a claims form for review and a decision. The process should take between 30 to 60 days for a final decision and check request where applicable. If the owner denies a resident’s claim, then the resident does have the final option to go to small claims court if the owner and resident cannot reach a settlement.

The meeting ended with agreement on a resident-wide meeting in November. The leadership committee will communicate the exact date and time with the residents. Thank you, as always, for your patience and understanding through the relocation process as we complete this very complicated, and much needed, renovation process.

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