The Pain Will be Worth the Gain!

There is much to report this week on a variety of different levels. First of all, preparation for the temporary relocation of residents to begin the apartment renovation phase is underway. Everyone received a General Information Notice which officially explained the work, the reason for the temporary relocation, AND, most importantly, the fact that you will return to your apartment upon completion of the work. The relocation staff (Nelson and Bianca, along with Don) began meeting with residents of the 12th and 11th floors to discuss the available options and services.

On the construction front, you are probably very aware that there is now scaffolding on the front of the building all the way to the top, along with designated protected paths to insure safety. Procida should complete the back scaffolding within two weeks. In addition, Procida started installation of the material hoist in the front of the building which the general contractor will use to move material and remove debris in and out of the building.

August will be the month that we begin to take major steps that will affect services in the building and require access to apartments. The pain will be worth the gain! Two major items for August are the duct cleaning and installation of water shut-off valves. We will post separate information on each so that the related details stand-out easier. Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation and patience.

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