Scaffolding, Hot Water, and More

Well, we knew the scaffolding had to go up eventually, and this past week it finally did. This means everyone, and I mean everyone, will need to pay closer attention when navigating the sidewalk. It’s not just piping and poles to be aware of, there are also plywood walls, which may actually help guide you in and around the maze of passageways that are necessary for the type of construction about to begin on the eastern half of the building. The good news is, unlike some construction detours in the city, this one will not require you to venture out into the street or near traffic. The bad news is that the once wide-open, broad sidewalks are now sectioned into six-foot wide corridors. Expect some pedestrian traffic jams. Scaffolding is a necessary evil that you will only appreciate when it’s raining. At least the mailboxes out front are still in place and will not be moving (except for a brief period at the very end of the project when we repave the sidewalk. More details about that in 2016.)

What other irritating news do we have for you? Ah, yes the hot water situation. Now that we removed the old boilers we have to replace them. So the new boilers have been brought in piece by piece and are being welded together in place. This, as you may be well aware, requires a daily shut-off of the gas that powers the hot water heaters. So once again we ask that you bear with us, weekdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm, when there will be plenty of water, but none of it hot. This will continue through the 25th of July.

Before new walls can go up or new staircases and elevators can be installed, there is a great deal of preparation that must go into a renovation of this magnitude. New conduits for electric wires are being run, structural steel beams are being added in the basement where needed, new concrete has been poured to support the new (bigger and more efficient) hot water heaters, and new plumbing is being run to those heaters and the boilers. All this “behind-the-scenes” work is being completed under the strictest guidelines and regulations. There are regularly scheduled on-the-job inspections; which, by the way, we are passing with flying colors.

Within the coming weeks you may notice more activity on the first floor. This will be the first of the new walls, floors and ceilings going in; new air conditioning, too. That part will take a few months to complete, but we are progressing nicely.

As always, we apologize for any inconvenience and we would like to thank all our residents, clients and guests for your understanding and cooperation in helping to make this project a success.

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