Report: After Hurricane Sandy

After the worse storm ever to hit NYC, we are thankful to be able to report that everyone at Selis Manor has been pitching in to maintain as best a level of comfort as can be found under such difficult circumstances. Although there is no power and, as a result, no water in the building,  there was no physical damage to the property.

Cesar Vidal is doing an incredible, actually heroic, job at the property.  There is no water in the building, but Cesar was able to come up with a way to provide access to water on the first floor. Residents are at least able to fill up a bucket or other container and bring water up to their apartment for cleaning, etc. He also was able to get electric from the generator to a resident who is on a respirator, as well as set up an area for the residents to charge their phones. Really extraordinary work, and Jose (who is supposed to be on vacation right now) is also working very hard.

There are some volunteers, and Visions has some people helping the residents (for example, helping to bring water up to the apartments). The maintenance staff is there; the office is closed but Toni was in Tuesday morning.

The tenants association is stepping up to the plate in a major way and providing a lot of positive help and communication. For example, they were able to secure meals from the National Guard that do not need refrigeration.

Thankfully we have a generator that is is keeping the elevators running.  The generator cannot run the entire building, only the elevators, some hall lighting, and some outlets located around the building. We ordered generator fuel on Tuesday, and it arrived this morning; the generator now has a full tank of fuel to last through the weekend. We will need to baby the elevators due to the usage, and agreed with the tenants association that we would shut them down daily between 12am and 5am.

The picture would be a lot better if we had electricity, but we are amazed and gratified to see how everyone is helping each other.

As always, please call Tony Savarese at 914-772-2728 if you have any questions or concerns.

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