Pull Down the Shades!

Now that the scaffolding is up, do not be surprised if you notice people walking past your windows. These are workers doing their jobs and as much as we would love to notify you exactly when and where they will be working every day, that would be impossible. If they are repairing a crack on the eleventh floor and suddenly realize they need to continue that repair on the tenth floor and then the ninth floor, they are going to go where the work takes them and any prior scheduling notification would not anticipate that. So suffice it to say that workers may be working anywhere on the scaffolding Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Hard as it may be to imagine, these workers are more interested in repairing the brickwork than in peering into windows. They are professionals and they know better. Still, if you value your privacy, I suggest you pull down your shades. I remember changing in my room once and suddenly there was a worker right outside my window. He took one look at me and reached in and pulled down the shade himself.

Speaking of the work presently taking place on the scaffolding, we are power-washing the bricks and scraping out the old mortar between the bricks so fresh mortar may be applied. The process we are using causes pebble-sized debris to fall straight down which sometimes bounces off the lower levels of the scaffolding and into the screens and window panes below and might even get into your window sill. If you hear pebbles bouncing off your windows, it is mortar from above. It might be annoying, but these bouncing pebbles pose no danger to you, the windows or the screens.

As always, we apologize for any inconvenience and we would like to thank all our residents, clients and guests for your understanding and cooperation in helping to make this project a success.

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