Oh the Noise! Noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!

There has been a lot of noise lately; jack hammering to be specific. Cutting through a one-foot thick slab of concrete gets pretty noisy. Plans call for cutouts in three places: two one-stop elevators and a staircase. One cutout is complete, but we have two more to go, so prepare yourselves; there’s more to come. In addition to the jack hammering there has been drilling, sledge-hammering, sawing, clanging, banging, chopping, scraping, sanding, grinding, and electric guitar playing. We know how any one of these things can get on your nerves, but everything at once can be downright mind-shattering. To help cope with this assault on our ears, management has purchased individual pairs of earplugs. These are available in apartment 204, free of charge (one pair per person please.) If the noise is getting to you, please stop by between the hours of nine a.m. and four p.m. Monday through Friday, and anyone in that office will be happy to supply you with a pair.

So what are the specifics on these new holes in the first floor, you ask? (Actually no one has asked, but I’m going to tell you anyway.) The one already cut is for a material lift. That is a new lift in a new location for the purpose of bringing the compacted trash up from the basement and directly to the street. No more trash in the courtyard! Another cutout is for an elevator to bring Visions’ clients directly from their new lobby to and from the basement. This will keep ridership down on the residential elevators. The third cutout is for a stairway to the basement where the old entrance to the auditorium used to be.

The next project coming up very soon is the power washing and repointing of the brickwork. This is like what the Dentist does to your teeth twice a year, but we’re using bigger Water-Piks. We will do this one floor at a time beginning with the twelfth and working our way down. We will publish the schedule shortly, but when your floor is being done we will need the windows closed and the air conditioners off. Workers will cover the air-conditioners from the outside to prevent debris from getting in the works. We ask your patience and cooperation as we make our building sparkling and bright and cavity-free.


We have an addition to the Duct Cleaning Schedule:

August 29th Apartments 1210, 1114-214

Speaking of duct-cleaning, it is very important to make sure you allow access on the day specified so that your registers are sealed. So far we have cleaned the ducts of half the apartments and there was only one apartment that did not allow access in time. Lovely plumes of dust and soot spouted from the registers and were deposited on the kitchen and bathroom floors. Duct … Duct … Yucch.

As always, we apologize for any inconvenience and we would like to thank all our residents, clients and guests for your understanding and cooperation in helping to make this project a success.

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