Construction Update 05/06/2016

Demolition – Procida Construction

  • Demo water tower roof
  • Began non-ACM demo on main roof
  • Compactor demo/removal complete
  • Complete demo on main roof (non-ACM)

Windows – Crystal Windows/Marvel Contracting

  • Hoist-way apartment windows installed 10th and 11th floors
  • 7th and 8th floor window screens and stops installed
  • 7th floor sunshades (scaffold bicycles/planks in the way and need to be moved)
  • Planks to be moved only after 7th floor pointing inspection has passed (will be moved to floor below)

Structural Steel – BYN Ironwork

  • Install new open stair railings

Plumbing – TT Mechanical

  • Trap installed for 1011 floor drain (trap confirmed for 811 floor drain; 711 drain will be installed when we have access to 6th floor)
  • Install floor drain trap for 1111 (need to open wall in 1011) – awaiting date/schedule from ownership
  • Open wall in 907 to verify trap installed for floor drain in 1007 apartment (awaiting schedule from ownership)

Mechanical – Medley Air, Inc.

  • 7th and 8th floor PTAC work completed, start ups complete
  • Continue 1st floor ductwork

Electrical – KGK Electric Corp

  • 7th and 8th floor light fixture installation complete
  • Apts 1018 and 1118 roughed in
  • Complete 718/818/1018/1118 hoist apartment finishes
  • Complete boiler room punch list items
  • Sign and seal as-builts for Fire Alarm inspection (once revised originals received from EOR after Simplex has completed them)

Carpentry – Procida Construction

  • Punch list items, 7th and 8th floors
  • Lower transaction counter in Visions reception (needs to be scheduled with ownership)
  • Schedule removal of floor/glue in Arts & Crafts room #3 under kiln

Bamboo Flooring – NJ Resources

  • 7th and 8th floor wood flooring installation complete
  • Repairs to 1212, 1210, 1209, 1111, 1120, 920, 903 due to PTAC leaks/other water infiltration
  • Install wood flooring, 718 and 818
  • Check hoist apartments 718/818 for level floors prior to installing wood flooring

Masonry and Concrete – Zaman Construction

  • Complete brickwork at 7th and 8th floor exteriors
  • Correct brickwork, floors 9 through 12, per architect’s report
  • Zaman represents that punch list items are complete – awaiting re-inspection by architect

Hoist – United Hoisting

  • Hoist winterized

Tiling/Resilient Flooring – J&BB Tile Corp.

  • Correct saddles as needed at apartment entries, 9-12
  • Continue tiling at open stair where possible
  • Complete cellar locker room tiling (floor throughout and bathroom)
  • Complete porcelain tile base in laundry room (behind machines)

Doors – Long Island Fireproof Doors Inc.

  • Doors and frames released for 5th and 6th floors

Elevators – Kone Inc.

  • 2nd elevator modernization complete – Inspection passed
  • Awaiting fix of annunciator panel in both elevators
  • Punch list on modernized elevators per report received 3/18/16
  • Awaiting schedule of completion from Kone

Scaffolding – Spring Scaffolding

  • Schedule dismantle of the neighbor’s roof protection

Cabinets – Brooklyn Woods

  • 7th and 8th floor cabinets delivered
  • Snack bar cabinets delivered
  • Provide appearance panels for H.C. kitchen sinks (floors 9-11) (7th and 8th floors complete and installed)

Roofing – Famous Roofing of NY

  • Bulkhead roofing at east/west stairs, main roof, and water tower bulkhead
  • Main roof installation in process (first layers)
  • Continue roofing on main roof, to follow demo as scheduled, weather permitting

Fire Alarms – Simplex Grinnell

  • Programming devices complete cellar, first floor, and 7th floor through PH
  • Revised FA drawings received for cellar showing additional devices

Water Tank – Rosenwach Tank Co

  • New tank high/low alarm system installed per approved change order

Painting – CTP Painting

  • 1st floor priming/painting in laundry room, priming in community room
  • Polish and prime in locker room, cellar
  • 8th floor complete
  • 7th and 8th floor punch list items, 1018 and 1118 hoist room punch list items
  • Locker room in cellar – final coats

Low Voltage – MDU Security Systems

  • Installations complete, 7th and 8th floors, and 1018 and 1118

Cleaning – Pedro Mejias Cleaning

  • 7th and 8th floor cleaning, 1018 and 1118 cleaning

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