Construction Update 02/29/2016

Asbestos AbatementUS Environmental

Completed Work:

Abatement of main roof parapet flashing, north and south parapets

7th and 8th floor interior abatement complete

7th and 8th floor shelf angle caulk/tar abatement complete

2 Week Look Ahead:

Water tank & stair bulkheads roof abatement

WindowsCrystal Windows/Marvel Contracting

Completed Work:

8th floor window demo, installation complete

7th floor window demo, installation complete

Glass replaced in apartment 912

Bulkhead windows (stair bulkheads) replaced

Structural SteelBYN Ironwork

Completed Work:

Boiler room utility stairs installed

2 Week Look Ahead:

Install new open stair railings

Installation of steel plate/tubes at Visions, 1st floor, for canopy, in process

PlumbingTT Mechanical

Completed Work:

Tubs, toilets, and bathroom sinks installed, 8th floor

Tubs installed, 7th floor

Shower body replacement and tub drain tie-in complete, 7th and 8th floors

2 Week Look Ahead:

Install pipe wraps at all bathroom sinks, and select kitchen sinks, 9th through 12th floor

Install toilets and bathroom sinks, 7th floor

MechanicalMedley Air, Inc.

Completed Work:

Laundry room ductwork complete

Steam piping and PTAC sleeve installation complete, 7th and 8th floors

2 Week Look Ahead:

Complete boiler training, A/C turnover with building staff

Continue 1st floor ductwork

Install electric wall heaters, (4) bathrooms, 7th/8th floors

Complete installation of PTAC units/thermostats, 7th and 8th floors

ElectricalKGK Electric Corp

Completed Work:

8th floor demo, panel replacement, rough-ins complete

7th floor demo complete, rough-ins and panel replacement in process

2 Week Look Ahead:

Complete 7th floor power, light, and fire alarm rough-ins

Need to re-replace outlets in 1209 with tamper resistant – to be scheduled with ownership, PCO

CarpentryProcida Construction

Completed Work:

7th and 8th floor bathroom, kitchen, and exterior wall framing complete

8th floor bathroom, kitchen, and exterior wall sheetrock and taping

8th floor cabinet installation nearly complete

2 Week Look Ahead:

Complete sheetrock and taping, 7th floor bathrooms, kitchens, and exterior walls

Pending electrician’s rough-ins

Continue closet framing, sheetrock, and door frame install 7th and 8th floors

Bathroom door frame installation 7th floor

Complete kitchen cabinet installation 8th floor, begin 7th floor

Install bathroom accessories, 8th floor

Begin millwork, 8th floor

DoorsLong Island Fireproof Doors Inc.

Completed Work:

Delivery of doors/frames for 7th and 8th floors

2 Week Look Ahead:

Delivery of correct strike-side frame legs for T12 openings

Masonry and ConcreteZaman Construction

2 Week Look Ahead:

Begin brickwork at 7th and 8th floor exteriors (after MAP approval)

HoistUnited Hoisting

Completed Work:

Hoist winterized

Tiling/Resilient FlooringJ&BB Tile Corp.

Completed Work:

Laundry room tiling complete

Small community room VCT installation

Bathroom tiling, 8th floor

8th floor kitchen VCT tiling complete

2 Week Look Ahead:

Correct saddles at apartment entries, 9-12

Bathroom tiling, 7th floor

Kitchen VCT, 7th floor

GypcreteNew York Gypsum Floors/East Hudson Flooring

Completed Work:

9th – 12th floor gypcrete

8th floor topping installation complete

2 Week Look Ahead:

7th floor topping installation

Bamboo FlooringNJ Resources

Completed Work:

Delivered half of 8th floor materials and started installation

2 Week Look Ahead:

Repairs to 1212, 1210, 1111, 1120, 920, 903 due to PTAC leaks/other water infiltration

Complete delivery of materials/complete installation for 8th floor

ElevatorsKone Inc.

Completed Work:

2nd elevator modernization complete

2 Week Look Ahead:

Awaiting replacement of 12th floor panel (in elevator lobby)

Awaiting inspection date for 2nd elevator modernization

Cabinets – Brooklyn Woods

Completed Work:

8th floor cabinets delivered

2 Week Look Ahead:

Provide appearance panels for H.C. kitchen sinks (floors 9-12) and provide with cabinets for 7th and 8th floors

Deliver cabinets for 7th floor

CountertopsLI Fabricators

Completed Work:

Transaction counter delivered (and installed)

2 Week Look Ahead:

Counter tops for 1st floor laundry room/snack bar as required

RoofingFamous Roofing of NY

Completed Work:

Installed temp roofing at roof rails on lower roof

2nd floor roof partial replacement, new roof over addition

2 Week Look Ahead:

Water tank bulkhead roofing (pending abatement)

Fire AlarmsSimplex Grinnell

2 Week Look Ahead:

Complete programming devices (installed on 12th, 11th, 10th and 9th floors, plus cellar and 1st floor)

PaintingCTP Painting

Completed Work:

1st floor priming in laundry room/community room

Polish and prime in locker room, cellar

Primed first floor corridor ceiling

2 Week Look Ahead:

Continue priming apartments, 7th and 8th floors

Continue skim coat existing walls, 7th and 8th floors

Begin final paint coats in apartments, 8th floor

Begin skim coat of corridor walls

Low VoltageMDU Security Systems

Completed Work:

Nurse pull wiring complete on 7th and 8th floor

2 Week Look Ahead:

Test intercom wires on 7th and 8th floors

Continue tying in smoke detectors to intercoms, 7th and 8th floors (to follow electrician’s installation of smoke detectors)

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