Construction and Fire Alarms

This is an important piece of information that everyone in the building should know. Although it eventually will be modernized, presently we have a very good Fire Alarm System which will light up the panel in the security office for all manner of trouble. It not only monitors the sensors throughout the building for excessive heat and fire, it monitors the water in the standpipes feeding the fire hoses on every floor and it monitors the water pressure in the sprinkler system. The system is always up and running and it will always alert the Central Station when there is trouble. Central Station will then alert FDNY to dispatch the Fire Trucks. During construction, when working with blow torches, or when adding sprinkler heads, or when lowering the water pressure, or when doing any work that might set off an alarm, we must take the system off-line. This does not mean that the alarms won’t ring. It just means that we alert the Central Station not to pass the signal through to FDNY unless they hear from us that there is real trouble. So if you hear fire alarms ringing on your floor, even if there are several in a row, please know that if there is a real emergency you will be notified by the front desk. Please do not take it upon yourselves to call 911 or summon the Fire Department. That would be tantamount to calling in a False Alarm and may cause delays in their responding to real emergencies. For safety and legal reasons we cannot disarm the system, so if you hear a fire bell between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm, it is likely due to alarms reacting normally, but to a controlled situation. After 4:00pm and before 8:00am however, and all day on weekends the system will be back on line and will perform regularly and you should behave as you normally would in those situations.

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